• What will my child get from the Kung Fu lessons at the club?

    The methods of giving classes in the children’s group are tested by twenty-five-year practice at our club. We adapted and summed up the methods of different kinds of sports and martial arts, we took these methods as the basis of the style’s requirements. The result of the lessons will be the development of flexibility, coordination, rapidity, agility and strength. At the same time there are being formed the child’s personality, self-confidence, self-discipline, the ability to make decision and face the consequences.

  • My child doesn’t have any sports experience. Will he be able to practice Kung Fu?

    One of our main principles is gradualism. We do not practice the methods of extreme loads. In the beginning the trainer keeps watch over your child and, if there is the necessity, he offers the individual lessons’ correction. Moreover, our trainers are parents themselves. Our club is family-guided and you can wait for individual attention to your child.

  • How safe are the Kung Fu lessons?

    Any activity has injury risk. However, we do everything possible to reduce undesired situations to a minimum. The lessons are gout under the trainer’s control. Any contact sparring (at the advanced stage) is carried out with protective equipment. According to the statistics, Kung Fu practice is much less traumatic than the majority of sports including combat sports such as boxing and wrestling.

  • How to motivate my child to attend the lessons?

    Frequently, parents take the decision on lessons without regard to children’s wishes. We’ll do everything possible to arouse your child’s interest. The lessons in the form of game often help to work with children. We’re going “to play Kung Fu”. From time to time we give open classes with the participation of parents – it motivates children to show the maximum of what they can do. From parents we wait for patience and concernment. Talk to the trainer, ask questions. Together we’ll try to remove the arising barriers.

  • How long are the lessons?

    For the children’s group it takes one hour. With increase of age category the practice takes up to two hours. We have a comfortable lounge where you can wait for lesson’s end. The indoor camera allows you to observe the practice.

  • What clothes is necessary for the lessons?

    In the first instance it can be usual track pants and any t-shirt. Sensible trainers (without deep perforation) or sports footwear (without black sole) are appropriate. It is possible to attend in bare feet. There is beautiful and warm timber floor in the gym. Later you can get the club t-shirt of black with our logo.

  • How much do the lessons cost?

    We have flexible mode of payment.

    Three-time lessons per week (one hour) – 2000 rub/month

    Subscription for three months (20% off) – 4800 rub

    Subscription for six months (30% off) – 8400 rub

    Subscription for twelve months (40% off) – 14400 rub

    For the families with humble income we offer favorable terms. Please, talk to the trainer or the club’s administrator.

    For the newcomers, who start attending the lessons in the middle of month, we recalculate the cost with regard to the number of the attended lessons.

  • What do you wait for from us, parents?

    The participation in the process of your child’s personality becoming; patience to his failures, support and praise to his progress; close contact with us in the club; help in the events for the children: New Years, exhibition performances, film screenings, etc.

  • How many children are in one group?

    “Jook Lum” is a nonprofit organization. We do not aim to get as many pupils as possible. You can wait for individual attention to your child. Usually, a group consists of 10-12 pupils.

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