The training programmes of children’s group:

➢ Qigong (the basic methods of breathing);

➢ Gung Fa (the development of physical qualities: bases of joints’ development, muscular plasticity, flexibility, agility, rapidity, strength, stamina, the elements of the martial acrobatics);

➢ Quan Fa (the fundamental elements of the basic technique of the traditional Chinese Kung Fu);

➢ Kwong Sai Jook Lum Southern Praying Mantis is the technique adapted for children, including single and paired formulas of the school.

The regular practice of Kung Fu at our club allows:

- to develop harmonically the body, spirit and mind;

- to bring up self-discipline;

- to control emotions;

- to foster the spirit of a fighter;

- to develop the ability to focus attention;

- to develop the ability to process information.

In the course of the regular practice your child will:

- master the basic stands (and positions);

- perform stretch and flexibility exercises, general gymnastic training;

- master punches;

- master the basic principles of using/not-using the force;

- master the basic complexes of the style.

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