Well you have found this website and now you’re reading this text – so, it is obvious that you consider the possibility for your child to practice at our school, but you are not still sure. This article is written for you to learn more information and to make your choice more conscious. We hope that consequently, you’ll say: “This is what my child needs! Jook Lum is the place where the benevolent professionals will help to bring up my child into a man of the stamp”.

The main arising question is obvious: “What benefit will my child get from the lessons? Why Kung Fu?”

The simple fact is that your child will be involved in such type of activity which includes the harmony of physical and mental development. In contrast to the majority of sports, where the emphasis is on the achievement of maximal result through the development of specific physical qualities (physical alertness for runners, strength for weightlifters), Kung Fu inures the skill of use of the internal nature resources. Traditionally, one of the philosophical postulates of Kung Fu was the integration of physical and spiritual processes. The human body and psyche were considered as two equal components. The psychophysical perfection in Kung Fu is set against the win at all costs in sports. On consumer grade you’ll feel the great difference in the behavior and achievements of your child through short time of practicing. Passive sitting in front of TV will be interchanged to agile and joyful exercise in the gym. The videogame competitions undoubtedly will concede to the competitions with partners in the gym and teamwork. We hope that school achievements will not be long in coming. Kung Fu will teach your child to make a choice on their own and be in charge of their actions. Both achievements and losses will inure to your child a lot of qualities which will be helpful in adult life. Our purpose is to equip your child with the necessary skills, to bring up assurance, to develop self-reverence, to strengthen health and to equip with the self-protection, in a word, to develop the qualities of dignified and successful people.

One shouldn’t wait for great achievements in the field of the traditional Martial Arts from the children of seven. The priority is the development of physical qualities such as coordination, flexibility, stamina, alertness, strength and agility. They are brought up in parallel with the ability to focus attention, properly respond to any situation, patience what is often called as the will. The technical elements of Kung Fu provide the achievement of the main goal – the revelation of the individual abilities. If your child does not turn into an adroit ninja or surpass the quick as lightning Bruce Lee, it’s not a big deal! But if your child grows up into a dignified and decent person with splendid health which is able to protect himself and his loved ones, this is going to be our collective success.

Let’s give childhood to our children!

You are always welcome to our club “Jook Lum”

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