Школа Кунг Фу Джук Лум

Welcome to the site of our club “Jook Lum”, relating to popularization, development and learning of the rare school in the World of the Martial Arts: the style “Southern Mantis of Bamboo forest”. Our mission is revelation, spreading and teaching the Martial Art to the Russian followers.

For the first time in our country this unique Kung Fu style is available for you.

In spite of high-efficiency hand-to-hand fighting techniques, the uniqueness consists in exceptional integrity. It takes in the elements of internal and external Kung Fu styles. Balanced synthesis with kindred schools such Chow Gar, Chu Gar and Iron Ox, forming the Southern Mantis, give the style completeness. The traditions, techniques and atmosphere of the rare style are held up in our club.

Training, we pay attention to practical application of the combat system in the world we live in. Our mentors have got long-standing experience in teaching of different combat systems of the Martial Arts. Their academic qualifications in sports let them explain to the beginners the techniques in plain language. We are interested in teaching of the things which work in the actual state of the world and in the real-time.

Holding up the habits of centuries, the practices at our club are not the path of aggression, violence and forming of “strong personality”. This is the path of knowledge and self-perfection by means of understanding of the outward things. This is the teaching of the Art and development of your individual practical knowledge of delivering combat. It is significant for our pupils to be respectful and benevolent towards to our partners and teachers and have patience and quick wits. Humour also makes sense at our club.

In the course of time you will understand the connection between the principles you use in the gym and the opportunity of the using of the very principles in everyday life. You will see that Kung Fu practice changes and develops not only your physical body, but your mind as well.

We understand that everyone has got his own individual abilities and we are ready to help you develop your strong and individualize your practices. You’ll learn to fight in conformity with your body proportions and temperament. This style is not based on using of physical strength. You’ll learn to use your opponent’s strength and bring up it against him. That’s why there are no limits on age, build and body state at our club.

Efficiency and refined integrity of “The Southern Mantis” principles make the style complete combat system, which is perfect for stout people as well as for small men, children, and women.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

The door of “Jook Lum” is always open to you

Saint-Petersburg “Jook Lum” the Southern Mantis


The club “Jook Lum” is a nonprofit organization. We humbly thank the club members and its sponsors for any form of voluntary help.

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